Fighting Fit Academy

Fighting Fit Kickboxing Academy was founded by Richard Phillips in 2004 to pass on his knowledge and skill. The Family Fitness Centre opened its doors full time in 2014 offering something different than your local gym. We do offer great Personal Training programmes as well as fitness & weight loss classes, boxing fitness / boxercise classes / circuit training classes. We also offer boot camp and running courses – All classes and courses are instructor led, offering support, encouragement and motivation throughout, along with all members fully supporting each other….they put the ‘Family’ into the ‘Family Fitness Centre’!

The classes are a mix of cardio, strength and conditioning mainly consisting of these three major components; HIIT, Kettle Bell cardio and strength, technique & conditioning. We use various other pieces of equipment too ranging from dumb-bells, weights, slam balls, resistance bands plus many more! We are not like your standard gym!

A Team Of Professionals

We offer a range of classes…

The  Family Fitness Centre Gym is ran by an extensive team of fully qualified coaches that install physical and mental strength whilst building on confidence and discipline across all classes, whilst being fully supportive to everyone.

We aim to cater for everyone, from the age of 3 and upwards, no matter what your fitness level, helping us to achieve ‘family’ status due to our dedication to our members. Encouraging and nurturing personal growth, progression and life skills is what we thrive at through all of our classes, along with fit tests within our circuit sessions, and competitions and grading programme’s within Kickboxing.

Fighting Fit


No other gym in Wellingborough offers the range of fitness that we do whilst meeting everyone’s need in a fun, family, supportive environment

We are located centrally with in Wellingborough, along with extended classes in Northampton, Burton Latimer and Lincoln…come check us out!

Start your journey today and dedicate yourself to being your best!

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